Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

Cone-beam Computed Tomography ( aka – CB Scan, CBCT Scan) is the state of the art and should be preferred to medical CT Scans and multi-slice dental CT scans.

  • It provides better resolution than medical CT Scans.
  • The patients are exposed to less radiation.
  • With proper planning software you can determine ridge width, ridge shape, ridge height, bone density, location of anatomical structures ( nerve, sinus, etc.).   
  • The information from the scan can be used to make a computer generated surgical guide (i.e.-“Computer Guided Implant Surgery)
  • With the Invivo 5.1 Planning software patients can clearly  see and understand the surgical treatment plan!
  • Having an on-site CBCT device significantly improves one’s creativity in making radiographic templates and surgical guides. It upgrades your diagnostic capability. It’s a wonderful Stress reducer for both the patient and the doctor! Below are videos of the Scan as well as an explanation of making and use of the “surgical guide.”
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Barium Scan Guide / Computer-generated Surgical Guide  Sleeves for the Surgical Guide
                     The Surgical Plan  Implants Inserted and well-aligned!